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it’s an unavoidable truth: the business of running a business can get in the way of doing what you love. But like most small business owners, you’re incredibly passionate about what you do.


CT Holdings offer Shared Services designed to help passionate entrepreneurs operate and grow a small business. From finances and human resources, to marketing and supply chain, we draw on our own experiences to bring you a vast network of specialists – each tuned to the nuances and necessities that can make or break a business over time.

When you partner with us, you can focus your energy on what you love and do best. We’ll handle the rest.

Find out exactly how we can help or contact us today to set a meeting. We’re eager to learn what you’re passionate about.


“Our goal is to enable you by helping you focus on doing what you do best. We’re your partner to manage and guide you through the rest.”

Our Value -> Helping Small Businesses “Be the Best”:
Our goal at CT Holdings is to create a relationship of trust and respect for the small business owner, as we understand your own personal commitment and desire to be successful through your business venture. It is a sense of family that we bring to our work realizing it is not the quantity of business that we work with, but the quality of work and service that we provide to our small business partners focusing on a shared commitment to excellence.

Since 2000, the state of small business in the United States like any other type of business venture has seen its shares of ups and downs. For small business though, the reality is that the personal investment of assets and time far outweigh the risk/reward cost that a larger business or public sector industry may face. With this in mind, the idea of a Shared Service plan is not new in the business world, especially looking at the past 40 years of business in the United States. However, the strategies implemented by CT Holdings and the ability to bundle strategies to meet the needs of the individual needs is what sets us apart moving forward in the business world today. 

The WHY:
Why is the Shared Services plan an effective tool for small businesses. Small business owners are craftspeople who excel with their own areas of expertise. Where they may be lacking though is in running a business, that’s where CT Holdings and the Shared Services business plan comes into operation allowing for success through the difficult obstacles and hurdles that come from being a small business owner. 

The opportunity through the Shared Services plan is to form a partnership to allow the small business owner to focus on providing their goods and services while allowing CT Holdings through the business agreement to help them manage the day-to-day operations of owning a small business and deal with the areas where the owner may need greater assistance. These services can come in a variety of ways but ultimately the goal is simple. . . when the small business is successful, so too is CT Holdings and ultimately, CT Holdings helps to build the bridge for the small business owner from imagine to possible.

What is most important though in dealing with CT Holdings is the personalized approach we can provide bundling the services to meet each of the small business owner’s unique needs and concerns. We are not looking to rope the client into a variety of areas that they do not need, but again come back to the concept of letting the business owner(s) focus on what they do best and then provide them with other resources allowing them to be successful in their business venture. This approach is a small-family approach with personal care and interest to a big business journey that they small business owner is on.You are the captain. . . we just help you to raise your sails!”



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